"The abundance of wildlife at Full Circle is truly amazing. Year after year it brings my group back. The guys at Full Circle really put together a great hunt! The attention to detail and the commitment to wildlife shows in everything they do."

-Gary A, Minneapolis MN

Hunting pheasants at Full Circle Farms is about more than camaraderie and killing birds.  It instills an appreciation for habitat, courtesy and safety.  Due to the sheer number of wild birds in the field.  There is never a plausible reason to take a bad shot and inevitably this abundance brings out the best in people.

-Tim W, Melbourne Aus

Bowhunting has taken me to 5 different states and Canada and this is the best day I have had in the woods.  It was bitter-sweet when I left Full Circle.  Sweet, because I have a 10 pointer in the back of my truck.  Bitter, because I won’t get to experience the Nov rut…at least not this year.  Full Circle Farms is truly first-class.

-Matt T, Inver Grove MN

"Thanks for the great hospitallity and second to none hunting. We appreciate all you are doing here at Full Circle and believe many generations to come will enjoy the great outdoors, good clean safe hunting, and God's Creation in a new and enjoyable way."

-Dick D, Ft Worth Tx

Thanks for the fantastic South Dakota Hunt.  What an amazing opportunity to see real wildlife!  On the ride home the guys couldn’t stop talking about each days highlights. We can't wait to come back next year.

-Rick W, Denver Co

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you once again for the wonderful time we had at Full Circle.  You made us feel like we were family…. The hunting and habitat you have is amazing.

Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality and commitment to our group.

-Tom P, Minneapolis

As a special thank you, we've been bringing our largest donors to Full Circle for years. The investment in habitat makes for the finest wild bird hunting available anywhere. Thanks for making our event special year after year.

-Mike W, Minneapolis


FULL CIRCLE OUTFITTERS HAS BEEN PROVIDING WORLD-CLASS wild bird and archery whitetail hunting since 1987.

Pheasant Hunting

Birds are hunted "South Dakota style."

They are driven into the wind by walkers to blockers with flankers to contain escaping birds.

Hunters have the opportunity to kill their limit every day. Historically, we have sacrificed the quantity of a released bird experience for the "thrill of the chase". While you will kill a great number of birds, group camaraderie, concern for others, and sportsmanship are central to your at Full Circle Outfitters.

We hunt from specially equipped trucks that can handle up to 20 hunters and several dogs. These trucks contain custom designed benches, cooler/watering capability, and dog kennels. Our target group size is 12-16 hunters.

  • Your group will not hunt the same land twice during your stay.
  • All hunting is within 15 minutes of the lodge.

Habitat development

Full Circle has been focused almost exclusively on habitat development. Cattle have been kept out of the creek bottom, promoting habitat growth and improving water quality.

A long-term program is underway to convert brome grass along the creek to native grasses. Selected areas are being planted with wild flowering plants and legumes which promote insect growth. Insects constitute 90% of a baby pheasant's diet.

Several years ago in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife, we began the conversion of hundreds of acres of Teton Alfalfa pasture to native grass stands and eliminated fencing. Today this serves as excellent nesting cover.

We pay close attention to our overall buck to doe ratio and often set aside an annual harvest goal for adult does. If you enjoy a good back-strap and wish to help us with our doe management program, please contact us prior to your hunt and we will let you know how our numbers look for taking a doe.

Whitetail Hunting

Full Circle is an archery deer hunting only property with hundreds of deer. We operate under Fair Chase. Because none of the land you will be hunting is leased or public, we are able to effectively manage our properties to ensure a balanced and healthy deer herd. This philosophy and our habitat development program make for ideal bow hunting opportunities.

Our management goal is to harvest mature bucks that are at least 3.5 years old or older. If you need help aging deer, our staff will be happy to provide some guidance. As avid bowhunters ourselves, we understand the level of excitement that takes over when a nicely racked animal show himself within bow range. We don't believe in trophy fees or penalties if a non-management buck is mistakenly harvested.

We pay close attention to our overall buck to doe ratio and often set aside an annual harvest goal for adult does. If you enjoy a good back-strap and wish to help us with our doe management program, please contact us prior to your hunt and we will let you know how our numbers look for taking a doe.

Semi-guided hunts allow you freedom to venture into the land.



The lodge is available for a family vacation stay or a quiet weekend getaway all year-round. We are able to comfortably host parties of up to 18. 20 years have gone into making this a worthy destination. From the plush bedding, the intimate sitting areas to amazing artwork and artifacts on the walls. You will lose all sense of time relaxing in our lodge.

Over the last couple of years, we have significantly improved our 30 acre lodge site with new tree belts, landscaping, and a pond. Our lodge, remodeled in 2010, has space for 18, a great room/gathering area, a new kitchen, wi-fi, and satellite television.


Meal times are special at Full Circle Outfitters. You will eat some of the most enjoyable food of your life in the company of close friends and associates, whether our chefs do all the meal planning or you decide to try your hand at a personal specialty. We can tailor a menu to whatever level of cuisine you wish.

Contact Charlie Wonhof to inquire more about off-season accommodations for your next vacation.


Pheasant Hunting

Season runs from October 18 to January 4. Packages are available for three days, four nights. Included: Lodging, guides, dogs, kennels, vacuum packed game processing, target shooting (ammo included), field transportation, and food.

Not included: License, hunting shells, alcohol, 5.5% state sales tax, game shipping, staff gratuities.

  • Discounts available Monday-Thursday
  • Can accommodate parties of up to 18
  • 50% non-refundable deposit required to reserve your dates

Whitetail Hunting

Season runs from late September through the end of January. Dates are set in May.

Included: Lodging, guides, stands, ground blinds, field transportation, field dressing.

Not included: License, alcohol, food, 5.5% state sales tax, game shipping, staff gratuities.

Deer hunting dates are extremely limited. Please call for availability.

  • 50% non-refundable deposit required to reserve your dates
  • Balance due September 1

Request A Reservation

As our reservation dates are limited, online reservations are not available. Please use this form to inquire about availability for your group.



The truth is street addresses in rural South Dakota are meaningless. So, here's what you do:  Drive west on 212 to Zell, go north on the blacktop eight miles, turn right on 164rd. Go one mile east, then one mile north on 373rd. FCF's campus is located at the intersection of 373rd Street and 163rd Avenue.

If that doesn't work for you then click this link:  Click here for Google Directions

What can I expect for weather conditions?

Click here for a 10-day forecast.

Do I need a license?

You must have a valid hunting license. (Small game in or out of state.)  All game laws/limits will be scrupulously observed.  You can buy your license right now by clicking here.  The current SD Hunting regulation booklet is scattered around the lodge. Read it when you arrive or by clicking here  If you don’t have your license prior to arrival, we will help you purchase it online.

Are there medical facilities nearby?

While we have never had an accident medical care is available. Community Memorial in Redfield, 20 minute drive, has emergency facilities available with a doctor on staff.  For more serious issues Avera St. Lukes in Aberdeen is just 45 minutes away.

If you have specific medical needs please let us know ahead of time.

What happens to the birds we shoot?

How your birds are processed is up to you. Many people consider cleaning the birds part of the day's hunt. For 20 years we've made it part of the experience. Gather together to tell lies about the hunt, drink a few beers and listen to some Johnny Cash. It takes approximately one half hour. If you'd rather you can leave it to the professionals. In either case your birds will be cleaned, vacuum packed and frozen.

You must take your game with you in transportable form when you leave. Coolers are available for those that need them.

What kind of ammunition do I need?

We recommend you bring 5’s for the early season and 4’s after mid November. If you'd rather not take ammunition on the plane, we have shells for sale.

What type of gun should I bring?

We’ve had guests shoot birds all the way from 410's all to 12ga.  A proficient shooter can use a 20ga for the first half of the season.  After that we recommend 12ga.  For world class shooters a 28ga makes for a challenge.  We can provide a 12 or 20ga for those that need one.  Please let us know ahead of time.

Can I bring my dog?

FCF has an overwhelming amount of scent for even experienced hunting dogs.  This may cause your dog to not listen to your commands, run out of control through the fields, and potentially ruin the group's experience.  Unless your dog has experience in conditions as described you should discuss bringing it with others in your party. You may want to consider leaving it at home.

If you do decide to bring your dog, kennels are available.  (It's really more of a dog palace than kennel: heated floors, individual runs, etc.) Dogs are not allowed in the lodge.

Are Guides available?

Our guides will accompany you while you hunt at FCF. Their role is to answer any questions, explain hunting strategy, collect downed birds, and to ensure the hunt moves safely forward. They own dogs that have been hunting at FCF since they were pups, they are excellent retrievers and are fun to watch as they work the land.

Shooting facilities?

We will provide ear protection and shells for your group to brush up their shooting skills at our clays range.  Our facility is equipped with several competition level throwers, able to show every shot imaginable.  The machines can be adjusted to every level of shooter competence.

What clothing should I bring?

We hunt sixty days a year under all conditions.  One of the most common errors is basing what you bring on conditions at home.  Please check the weather at Full Circle when you pack your gear.

  • Waterproof footwear and chaps.  Rubber boots are desirable in wet conditions.
  • In extreme cold dress in multiple thin layers of clothing. Bulky clothes inhibit shooting.  Wear wind resistant outerwear (Filson coats and chaps or Gore-Tex lined gear)
  • Don’t forget face masks in December.
  • High quality leather gloves with Thinsulate or another liner (silk or synthetic) are a good compromise between shooting feel and the cold.
  • Blaze orange is required.
What are the accommodations?

FCF’s campus is designed to provide a superior experience for a group of 14 to 16 hunters.  From corporate outings to family gatherings to charitable fundraisers our lodges have everything you need to make your event a success.  We provide internet access, meeting facilities and printing capabilities.  The professional grade kitchen integrates cooking into the group experience.  Bedrooms feature comfortable high end bedding, mattresses and pillows.


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About Us

Full Circle Farms (FCF) is a large working farm located in Spink and Faulk Counties, South Dakota.  The first land was bought in 1987. Today, FCF encompasses about 6500 acres.

Countless hours have gone into integrating farming operations and conservation development projects.  It has been a work in progress for how farming and wildlife habitat can coexist in an economic yet ecologically responsible way. 

Since inception hunting at Full Circle has been operated as a private hunting club where members and guests have hunted pheasants, ducks and deer extensively.  It’s not uncommon for the pheasant kill to exceed 2200 wild birds in a season.   Hunting goes on all season long through early January and a three bird limit is taken virtually every day.

Additionally, FCF has had a policy of using its hunting opportunities for various conservation and public service activities,

  • Annual youth hunting events. 
  • Youth mentoring/gun safety programs
  • Working with conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever.
  • Numerous other charitable organizations. 
  • Hosting hunts for returning soldiers, law enforcement personnel and local Chamber of Commerce.